neděle 22. března 2020

Loneliness, solitude 22/03/2020

Today I experienced something completely new yet not so unfamiliar. Having a chance to reflect on one of the most important topic of our lives was hard, but crucial. Coming to a realization of these measures, reaching this AHA moment helped me to set a plan for my future. Beeing able to dive deep and ask those questions about the future life direction should be a standard for all of us. We all need to be able to let our inner child to speak. We came to this world knowing all of the truths and secrets of the universe. However, throughout our days on this gorgeous planet, we forgot most of them due to layers and layers of opinions, sayings, beliefs and declarations of other people. It is time for us to re-connect with the ultimate truth, the stream of universal wisdom which lays within us. Let our ego loose its power over us. And in order to do that we have to step away from our society, our families, our friends, our lovers our own fears and we need to dive deep, right into the well our soul is....

Time alone is a punishment for kids. That is where it all starts.
As people become elderly, being alone is again punishment. We need to learn how to be by ourselves so it never becomes a torture again, but a retreat instead. What we learn as kids is transmitted to our perspective throughout the whole life. And changing this perspective is really hard. It is possible but I would much rather see people celebrating time spent alone since their childhood that suffering when trying to switch to a positive attitude when they are far in their adulthood.
I don't want this lifestyle of mine right now to become my future. I see it as a transition point in my life which needs to happen in order to supply me with all the resources and knowledge I need in the higher purpose my life has. It is a temporary place which sometimes feels like a sanctuary and sometimes like a prison. But every coin has 2 sides and we have to remind ourselves about that constantly.
Nothing will bring us only happiness neither sadness. They are both intertwined and they cannot exist without each other. Learning how to fully enjoy and feel the happy moments of our lives is our main task. As well as learning how to cope and manage those darker aspects. Acknowledging both and admiring them is the cure for ourselves, for the world, for the universe.
It all starts and ends with us. Nobody else but ourselves.

May you be able to sit down with your own fears and doubts. May you be willing to have that difficult and petrifying conversation with the demons in your head. Because only when we come in peace with our darkest parts, we are able to shine.
Those aspects of our entity will never disappear, we cannot push them away. However, we can simply acknowledge them and let them know that we are not scared. Even though your biggest enemy lies in your own head, you can come to terms with him. And who knows, maybe as time goes he will become one of your closest friends. The one who always comments on everything and is rather pesimistic, yet we need those voices if we want to stay balanced and reminded how much better it feels to focus on the positives.

And don't forget to look for the signs from universe. These are mine from today's Solo together practice ;)

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