středa 22. července 2020

Blame 26/04/2020


In the end of the day we are the only ones who we can blame from everything in our life. The good and the bad.
Yes, there are external elements, yes we cannot control what happens out there in the world and how will certain people behave. But we control what and who is in our life and how we interact and react to it, them.
If we are giving the responsibility to someone else's hands, it's US who we should blame when it does not turn out great. Because we gave them the power over our decisions. If we listen to other people's opinion it's US who we should blame because we were the ones who in the end took the action despite the true calling of our soul. If we give up on life because people around do so, it's US who we should blame, because we were not strong and eager enough to reach our potential and fulfill our dreams.
It's easy to say someone else did this and that. But no. WE are the ones who do what we want and somebody else's encouragement or discouragement are just crutches for our ego.
Because to say it's your fault is easier than to say I fucked up.

My finger points to myself, yours to you.

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